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Roxanne Dyer creates original oil paintings in a modern impressionist style.  Her influences include, Monet, Latour, Vuillard and Waterhouse.  Roxanne offers a selection of the artwork in prints as well as printed lifestyle products procured through PIXELS at Fine Art America.  Her primary focus is oil painting and drawing specifically of figures, florals, teacups, satin and organza bows, hot air balloons and sky-scapes.  In addition there are various new subjects in the works.  Specifically regarding the human form, Roxanne creates portrait interpretations. These include abstractions of the figure and objects representing the figure, such as mannequins. Oil paintings of her florals depict tulips, roses, irises and lilies mainly rooted in their earthy environment.  Important to note, on offer on this website is a selection of original artwork in sizes to accommodate a range of budgets.


Visual artist, Roxanne Dyer...

“Capturing light to render it’s effects is one reason I love to create art.  Oil painting life sized figures allows me to explore the limits of the pigments and compare them with human passions.  Possessing highly emotional tone & strong sense of movement, my figures have often been described as dancers. I like to use the subtle qualities of translucent & reflected light in order to intrigue the viewer & seduce them into engaging with the painting narrative.  Sharing ideas with people who delight in such dialogues is a strong motivating factor of my artistic practice.

The figure in portrait painted with a view to expressing emotion through light is a particular interest of mine.  

My most recent exhibition, Beauty for Ashes" at Galeri ERGA, Montreal, in October 2021 focused on the beauty and restorative qualities of peonies and was inspired by the verse, Isaiah: 61: 3.

For me, art is about joy; and when I’m engaged in the process of creating a new work, that’s the most profound emotion I feel. Of course there’s an entire range of emotions experienced during the process; but it’s those still, peaceful, joyful feelings that surround me during such time which are like none other.

There’s a lot of art out there that’s not about joy… so I like to paint realism, sometimes slightly abstracted but beautiful objects & joyful ideas. I think that the virtue of beauty, it’s evidence & ideas have been lost to us, to the world; well, maybe.. just hidden. For those of us who wish to develop our talents & make a valuable contribution during our lifetime, apart from traditional worldly pursuits, creating art is a wonderful occupation.

I’m a visual artist. Oil painting & drawing are my primary focus; preferred subjects are figures, florals, teacups, satin & organza bows, hot air balloons & skyscapes… among various new subjects I’m developing. Of the human form, I enjoy creating portrait interpretations, abstractions of the figure & objects representing the figure, such as mannequins. Oil paintings of my florals depict tulips, roses, irises & lilies mainly rooted in their earthy environment. 

The cycle of sharing & receiving is one vital reason I love to paint. To create believable illusions in an oil painting is enormously satisfying. But most inspiring is the feedback from people who observe my artwork & take the time to express their opinions, to describe how they perceive the art, what it meant to them, how they were moved. Painting is visual story telling; an impressive image can communicate a great deal. When storytelling, visual or otherwise, is inspired, I believe it can become a catalyst for creativity in others in all areas of their lives.

Completing a Fine Arts degree was one of my greatest dreams come true. An exhibitor in numerous group & solo exhibitions, my artwork has won several awards, hangs in collections internationally & has been published in International Magazine and The Artist’s Magazine.  Spring 2018 I attended an art workshop given by David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kaman of The Artists Guild in Santa Fe.  In 2013 I traveled to Italy to attend artist David Jon Kassan’s workshop at the JSS in Civita Castellana.”