"A Bunch of Roses" VIDEO SERIES

Think painting is easy?


Roses vignette, setup for a painting by artist Roxanne Dyer, ROSES Project 2022
The Still Life Setup 



Many of us, especially those who paint, know it is not easy, its a dedication...

“A Bunch of Roses” oil painting was completed on April 8, 2022.  Each new year I begin with an artistic project, typically a Valentine Project, making the rose this year's main focus.  This artwork begins Stage 2 within the "Beauty for Ashes" Collection inspired by scripture, on which I have been working for the past few years. “A Bunch of Roses”  signifies a turning point, the pursuit of, hopefully, greater depth within this context.  To begin, my content, the rose, is illuminated and exemplifies the idea of simplicity and grace.  This will develop as I continue to paint throughout 2022.  As these ideas and the tenents established in the scripture are foundational to my artistic efforts I have dedicated this particular artwork, “A Bunch of Roses”, to Ephesians 6:10-20, and am entering the painting in the Engage Art 2022 contest which is based on the illumination of this scripture.  Information on artwork specific to the "Beauty for Ashes" Collection can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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I hope you enjoy this series of videos that chronicle my progress while painting "A Bunch of Roses."  There are currently 17 of the 18 videos presented below.  The final video should be available by the end of the month, where I discuss the "idea" of the artwork as well as the process and final dedication.  A landing page for this body of artwork will also be available shortly on this website.


The SKETCH, Part 1/18


The SKETCH, Part 2/18


The SKETCH, Part 3/18


The SKETCH, Part 4/18


About the Still Life Set Up, Part 5/18


The Palette, Part 6/18


The Underpainting, Part 7/18


Painting Impasto, Part 8/18


 Painting Impasto, Part 9/18 


Painting Impasto, Part 10/18  
Painting Impasto, Part 11/18  
 Painting Impasto, Part 12/18  

Painting Impasto, Part 13/18


Painting Impasto, Part 14/18 


Painting Impasto, Part 15/18


Painting Impasto, Part 16/18


Painting Impasto, Part 17/18



Coming soon...

Overview of the Painting & Process, Part 18/18

The artwork "A Bunch of Roses" was painted mainly throughout February and March 2022.  The final video will be posted soon.  Stay tuned.


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