A Collector's Story

“Iris 2, Blossom where you Grow”

In my experience, paintings that have been a joy to create are easier to part with when we know the story behind a collector’s decision to acquire the artwork....


The original oil painting above “Iris 2, Blossom where you Grow” was recently purchased by one of my personal friends, Yuko. We have known each other for many years. Originally neighbours, I listened in delight as the notes floated throughout our building whenever Yuko played her baby grand piano. I looked forward to intimate gatherings with friends and recitals at Yuko's home. Shortly after the restrictions were lifted, I visited Yuko in her new dwelling and she played a piece of music that I’d never heard. It was beautiful, "Fountain in the Rain" by William Gillock.  I’d forgotten how live music “feels” and was moved by the experience.  There will be concerts to attend in the future, for sure.

Yuko in turn enjoyed the artwork whenever she visited my tiny studio for coffee. I have a fabulous Barista machine and my speciality is somewhere between a cappuccino & a latte... and almost always delicious! Too many cakes. Anyway... a while back, Yuko became quite enamoured with a particular painting, “Iris 1"(pictured below), vivid blue and white irises wildly growing within a somewhat ephemeral but intensely saffron yellow space. 

"Iris 1", 20"x24", oil on canvas, is an original oil painting of white and blue irises by artist Roxanne Dyer  She expressed interest in a print and was patiently waiting for me to get my act together and produce the scan that could provide a deliciously detailed canvas print. Then she saw “Iris 2”.  "I've changed my mind..." Yuko told me; she had decided to purchase "Iris 2", the original oil painting.

“Iris 2, Blossom Where You Grow” is the sister painting to “Iris 1”. While my attempts to describe purple irises against the freshness of lime will surely fall short, the visual offers a very different experience. Regarding colour, both purple and lime with variations and values of hue, in my estimation, have the most significant spiritual essence. I feel that, together, they are as close to heaven as an earthly being can imagine a colour. Subtly contrasted tones of crimson, ochre and ultramarine run like patches and veins throughout the piece. Wonderful to paint, the artwork also received many compliments while on exhibition at the EK Voland Gallery a few years ago.


Details of "Iris 2, Blosom Where You Grow"

Iris 2, Blossom where you Grow (detail 1), the original is 24"x24", oil on panel, is an original oil painting of white and purple irises by artist Roxanne Dyer  Iris 2, Blossom where you Grow (detail 2), the original is 24"x24", oil on panel, is an original oil painting of white and purple irises by artist Roxanne Dyer


 I’d initially wrapped up both paintings and brought them to Yuko's home. We spent an afternoon positioning the artworks in various arrangements. After our conversation, I understood the significance of Yuko's preference for “Iris 2” and was honoured that she’d selected this original from my collection. We agreed on a most likely place for the artwork to live in her home where it was finally mounted and is enjoyed today. That the artwork I create has the ability to touch or inspire others in such a personal way means a great deal to me. It’s also really amazing to know that my creations have the ability to brighten a home or bring in a little freshness.

So, thank you, Yuko!

Finally, to all my collectors, thank you! Each one of your stories is unique and your interest in my work is valued more than you know. And to those who have been supportive and follow my creative adventures, I am so grateful; it is an honour to delight you.

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